bulk up my arms

  1. bulk up my arms

    Hiya fellas...looking for a couple good exercises to help blow up my arms a bit...my left arm is like freakishly weaker than my right and its very annoying...I weigh about 170 and i try to take in like 150-170gs of protein a day...I dont know if i should do concentration curls with each arm or just use a bar and do curls or preachers or anything else that would help my bis and tris grow to full out my arms more...thanks

  2. heavy preachers, close grip bench, skull crushers, and good old fashioned standing barbell curls.

  3. And chin ups and weighted paralell bar dips.Also focus on getting legs and back bigger,the arms will have no choice but to grow to be proportioned.That might be your problem,they're happily proportioned with the rest of your body.You need more protien too.

  4. very heavy weight with very strict form, and after yo gotthe pump and your work out is complete get some good stretching on the worked muscles, it always helps my muscles to grow more easily if i stretch them after my workouts.........
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  5. Heavy back/chest work will cause more overload on the arms than any other lifts.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Heavy back/chest work will cause more overload on the arms than any other lifts.
    Beat me to it. Try deadlifting.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Heavy back/chest work will cause more overload on the arms than any other lifts.
    Homeboy is right on the money.

  8. i got the same problem. i want bigger arms, gotta work the chest and back with heavy weights. heavy lifts with arms as well. pretty much what pantera said.

  9. Try slower reps. 2 seconds up 2 seconds down. Also at the end of your workout for bi's do a 30 second negative chin up and for triceps do a 30 second negativedip. This will also help to stretch the muscle.
  10. RoidGracie
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    Try supersetting every now and then, barbell curls and supine tri-extens. These are the only two exercises I do for arms, and I've had close to 18" arms with about a 7" wrist, when natural.

  11. Reverse Curls and zotterman curls.
    I did a routine last year where for two weeks straight I trained my arms everyday at the end of my normal routine. The routine looked like:
    ** Decline Dumbbell Extension 3x12
    A2 DB Concentration Curl 3x12
    B Cable Reverse Curl 1x6-12-25

    The catch is you only do one arm per day. So you switch between left on day and right the next. You hit each on 6 times over the two weeks. Then you don't do any direct training on them for a week. It may be a little extreme but it will help you bring up any legging parts up of your arm rather quickly. I would use the routine more than once a year or so though because it will lose its shock value rather quickly.
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    I've always just trained in the garage or the basement so my exercises were limited. I can't argue with 18" guns, though, but I probably just have great genetics for arms. When I did go to the gym, it was preachers with ez-curl bar, alternating dumbbell curls for bi's.....supine french press and alternate supine dumbbell extensions, where you bring the dumbbell to the opposite pec,using the other hand to brace against the bicep of the arm doing the extension, that was my finisher and gave me my final pump. Good luck on your quest to major guns.


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