Keeping a log

  1. Keeping a log

    How often do you guys keep a log of what muscles you workout on what days and how many sets/reps etc... Is it really necessary?

    or just keep a log in my knoggen??

  2. I kind of keep a log in my head. I know that I have to try to increase everything by 5 pounds on my heavy lifts every week and if I don't make this goal I get pretty choked with myself. It's nice to have a log on paper in the gym then you know the exact amount of reps/sets you got off and try to go over that.

  3. I think its nice to log here or a blog or somewhere else. that way you really can look at your progress over time. if you are switching workout routines every 8-12 weeks, you won't necessarily remember the last time you did some particular exercise if its been months since you did it.

  4. I only keep written logs when I'm trying out supplements, otherwise its a mental log. Once you hit a certain point, you become pretty aware of what your strength should be at Fresh, and where it should be at as you progress further in the workout, at which particular exercise, in what particular order, even if you switch things up.

  5. I log everything. I got used to it after a few days.



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