Can I do this circuit every day?

  1. Can I do this circuit every day?

    I added a toning/aerobic type circuit to the end of my workout every other day. I am starting to get addicted to my quick circuit, and the results I have been seeing from it to the point that I want to do it every day. Is this something I can do every day without risking overtraining? I push myself pretty quickly through it with my focus on keeping my heart rate up, and getting a really good pump. Here is what I am doing.

    4 cycles through this circuit

    25 dips - two cycles wide grip, two narrow
    12 pull ups - each cycle at a different grip
    25 push ups - two cycles diamond, two wide
    10 body weight rows**
    15 straight leg lifts up to eye level

    ** looks like an upside down push-up. I elevate my feet on a bench, and hang (face up) from a bar on the squat rack. I then pull myslef up until my chest touches the bar. This is a LOT harder than it seems.

    Adding this to the end of my workouts has really helped tone and define my upper body a lot. It is getting easier and easier, and I am wanting to increase frequency to once a day...or should I just increase reps. Opinions?

  2. I guess I may get more feedback if I post some more details.

    I usually train 3 to 4 times a week at high intensity...usually almost 2 hours each session. I have been training for about 14 years (I will turn 29 next week).

    I'm about 12% to 14% bf
    Weigh about 210 lbs.
    5'9" tall

    I have an extremely efficient digestive system...I take in only about 1500 calories a day...and will gain weight (fat) if I stop training at all. I put on muscle extremely quickly to the point I can still outpace my tendons and connective tissue when I train really hard (which is a problem for me).

    I have a HARD time with overtraining, and hence my question. Whenever I try something new, and get good results, I always pound it into the ground and end up with sore tendons and connective tissue.

    Thanks guys!

  3. No you most certainly may not.

  4. It will overtrain the muscles you are using and your results will drop off. I would do it every 2nd day. That will give your body time to rest and grow.

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