(paintball) Burst Speed from Squat w/ HIIT & Upper Body

  1. (paintball) Burst Speed from Squat w/ HIIT & Upper Body

    So here's the deal: last season was my first of playing competative, tournament paintball (in Michigan). Podiumed at a couple tournaments, but my lack of fitness was holding me back so I'm trying get my ass in gear to excell this season.

    My question is based on the fact that I'm a front/mid player, and what it entails. I spend most of my time trying to stay as low and compact as possible, and need to make quick explosive moves to better positions when the opportunity arises. And these are usually from a full squat. I'm trying to develop a fitness routine that strengthens my upper body not only because I like lifting but to make my gun lighter and
    easier to control, and I want to incorporate HIIT w/ sprints into this routine as well.

    Now I'm sure the HIIT training will help me burst the short distances between bunkers, what I'm concerned with is I plan on doing a 6 day rotation w/o a leg day. Something like this:

    Mon: Chest
    Tues: HIIT
    Wed: Bi's/Tri's
    Thrs: HIIT
    Fri: Shoulders/Back
    Sat: HIIT
    Sun: Off Day

    **I plan on doing the HIIT training when I wake up on an empty stomach if that makes a difference.

    My question is will the HIIT training keep my legs strong enough to keep the stamina to go from a squat into a full sprint after potentially posting on an enemy position for a long duration while trying to stay as compact as possible? Should I incorporate some leg exercises outside of sprints? Or some lower intensity, long distance running to build endurance? Any advice is appreciated ya'll. Thanks!


  2. I would throw in a leg day. The HIIT training will help but you need to build your leg muscles to compromise for the upper body weight gain.
    Btw- I used to play competitive NPPL paintball but have gotten out of it due to college. What tournament series are you playing in?

  3. thanks for the advice, that's kinda where i'm leaning to as well.

    as of now none of us really have the money to do anything outside of local 3 and 5 mans in the lower peninsula of MI since none of the majors come through our state.. but we plan on heading down to chi-town for the PSP event this summer and will probably throw down in the D-4 5-mans. Sadly the podiums we've taken have only been at local tourneys but we got a pretty solid group of guys and should be able to make it to the semi-finals at least easy this summer. wish we had the money to play at the tougher events cause it's hard to get better playing the same, stale competition all the time

    you think you'll get back into it when you graduate?

  4. that's cool. If money is an issue, you guys should start looking for some small time sponsors to start out. Our first few sponsors were some small local paintball shops and some new up and coming companies that gave us pretty good discounts on equipment and paint. Once you get up there, you'll start meeting some people and hopefully be able to pick up major sponsors. They may not give you too much at first, but whatever they can helps out a lot. I know Kick'n paintballs and Dye were some of the companies that first got us. Once we started playing more NPPL events, we picked up smart parts and rp scherer (rps) which really hooked us up well. You guys should start contacting some companies and see what happens. They are usually pretty helpful no matter what series you guys are playin in. As far as getting back into it, I don't think. Who knows though



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