A good Gym Shoe?

  1. A good Gym Shoe?

    Been Trying to find a good Shoe For lifting. Right now I wear a Nike Shox while lifting But read that a good shoe with a flat Sole is best. I noticed that alot of old arnold picks showed him bare footed while lifting. Anyone have any brand suggestions. Also saw that the old Chuck Taylors are good for lifting

  2. Depending what I'm doing, I usually wear some black on black chucks. For squatting/deadlifting they provide cheap ankle support.

  3. I personally vote for the Chuck Taylors. The have a nice flat sole with alittle bit more ankle support.

  4. i deadlift and squat in adidas gazelles, and i do pretty much any other training in nike frees

  5. i use nike frees and any other flat sole shoe should be perfectly fine
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  6. Went with the Chucks Thanks Guys

  7. Another good option would be wrestling shoes. They provide a lot of support and are pretty cheap.

  8. I wear wrestling shoes. Flat soles, with good ankle support...nothing better IMHO.

  9. You may also want to try shoes made for the throwing events from track and field. I'm currently wearing Asics throwing shoes and am very happy with them. Very flat with a smooth sole. They really work well for deads and squats.


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