help needed for training

  1. Unhappy help needed for training

    My description:
    154 pounds or 70kg
    Age 16

    Pro anabol
    Fish oil

    Workout Split:
    Day 1 - Chest/Tris
    Day 2 - Biceps/Legs
    Day 3 - Shoulders/Back
    Day 4 - Abs
    Day 5 - Rest

    Bicep curl 3x8 - 10kg(dumbell)
    Flat Bench 3x8 - 48kg(bar)
    Incline Bench 3x8 - 40kg(bar)
    Deadlift 3x8 - 50 kg

    Hi guys i was wondering if someone could help me. I'm training to be in top fighting shape for my hapkido(martial arts):bruce3: My aim is to bulk up and build strength. I have a bench press, free weights and a power tower only as i have no access to a gym which makes training a little more limited. And am currently on day 8 of pro anabol I'm turning 17 in April. I have alot of will power so what ever you say i will use to the best of my ability. Help or feedback about what you think i should do would be greatly appreciated .

  2. I don't know about the Pro-Anabol at 16, not quite sure about the product but I highly doubt you'll need it at your age.
    A lot about putting on weight is your diet. Post up what your diet looks like and I'm sure people will help you. Also, post up your training that your currently doing. Exercises/sets/reps. I'd suggest for strength to lower the reps to about 4-6. Neoborn has a lot of this stuff typed up already and he can just copy it out to you if he sees your thread.

    Heres the thread: Neoborn's "Where Do I Start?" Bodybuilding Guide - Basic

  3. Thanks for your feedback so far.

    My diet basically consists of whats in the house. But its all mainly healthy. So basicly my diet would look like this:

    Supp: Pro Anabol & Multivitamin & 2 cups water

    Meal 1: Cereal

    Snack: Fruit

    Pre Workout Meal: Fruit & 1 cup water

    Post Workout Meal: Protein with water

    Meal 2: Salami sandwich with mayo and lettuce

    Sup: Fish oil

    Snack: Fruit

    Meal 3: Meat with rice or pasta usually & 1 cup water

    Snack: Fruit

    Supp: Pro Anabol & 1 cup Water

    And this is my workout:

    Day 1: Needs improvement

    Flat Bench(Bar) 3x8 48kg
    Incline Bench(Bar) 3x8 40kg
    Dips to 3xfailure
    Push ups 3xfailure

    Day 2: Needs alot of improvement

    Standing Bicep curls(Dumbbell) 3x8 on each hand of 10 kg
    Standing Bicep curls(Bar) 3x8 20kg
    Pull ups to failure
    Seated leg extension 3x8 40kg

    Day 3:

    Behind neck press 3x8 20kg
    dead lift 3x8 45kg
    2 other exercise which i don't know the names of unfortunately
    Chin ups 3xfailure

    Day 4:

    Sit ups to just less than failure
    Twists to just less than failure
    Leg lifts on the power tower to failure
    Bycle to failure

    Day 5:

    Rest day just hit the heavy bag and practice.

    then repeat;

    Also every day i do forearm and shin conditioning as a part of martial arts.

    Hope this is enough info also do you recommend me to stop using the pro anabol or finish it because im currently on day 9 of 30. thanks

  4. I don't really know about the product enough to give you any advice but I don't think its needed.

    You definitely need to eat a lot more there. Don't need to eat that much fruit. Here are some examples of what you could do for your diet.
    Lean Beef
    Lean Turkey

    Sweet Potatoes
    Whole Wheat Bread and Pastas
    Fruits and Veggies
    Brown Rice

    Natty Peanut Butter
    Fish Oil

    I'm not to good on the whole dieting aspect as some people are but theres a couple examples of what you could buy and eat throughout the day. Trying to get in at least 6 small meals. I'd say around 3500cals but thats just me.

    Training needs quite a bit of work. No shoulder day? Only one leg exercise? A day just for ab work?
    Day 1: Chest
    Looks good for the most part. Possibly add in some Flyes.
    Day 2: A lot of pointless stuff here, no direct tricep work.
    I'd make this your Back day.
    Day 3: Shoulders!!!!!
    Day 4: LEGS!!!
    Day 5: Arms
    You don't have to have an Arm day by itself you can work in Chest/Tri's Back/Bi's if thats to many days for you.
    Example workout keeping exercises you have:
    Flat BB/DB
    Incline BB/DB
    Decline BB/DB
    Flyes Cable/DB

    Seated Row
    Lat-Pulldown (in front of you not behind YUCK)

    Shoulder Press BB/DB
    Reverse Flyes
    Front Lateral Raises
    Side Lateral Raises
    BTB Shrugs

    Leg Press
    Leg Curls
    Calf Raises

    Wide-Grip Curls
    Preacher Curl
    Close-Grip Bench
    Tricep Extensions
    French Curl/Skull-Crushers

    These are just examples of what you should do you can look through workout logs or other peoples splits to find one you think is best for you. For the heavier exercises, Press/Squat/Deadlifts I'd try to stay in the 4-6 rep range. For everything else I tend to stick to the 8-10 rep range. Hope this helps you in some sort of way.

  5. Thanks for the feedback this helps alot



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