new workout

  1. new workout

    So I just finished up a 5-6 week cycle of sus/deca and am starting my post cycle of tore. I am 6'5" and weigh 203 lbs. I eat a high carb/protein diet and lift mon-fri. I'm doing a mon/thurs chest back, tues/fri arms shoulders, wed legs cardio schedule. I'm going to cancun in 3 weeks and wanted to try to cut up and put more abs in and such.. is there anything GNC carries that I can take while i'm taking the post cycle? I take liver formula, heart advance, and multivatamins daily and am 22 years old. If there is nothing that I should take while taking the tore does anyone know a good switch up in workout sched??

  2. I personally like switching up Arms and Shoulders.
    Maybe try out:

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