Not-So Newbie...Help

  1. Not-So Newbie...Help


    name's mike

    6'2 197

    Student Athlete

    Have a decent physic, i dont look 197..i look like 180. Bit of a gut, very small Chest can be better, alilttle pathetic on my standards. For-arms 2

    I say a NOT SO NEWBIE because, ive worked out before. I have good genes because I see gains when I do. Not incredable gains, but it works. But, now is the time I WANT TO BE SERIOUS ABOUT IT!

    i mean i never ate right, slept good, OR ATE ENOUGH to gain muscle. ETC

    i just worked out without doing anything else, or altering anything...

    I want to be cut, especially for the summer....I want muscle and want big arms and forearms....but CUT.. i want to have stress free summer in the sense i can be at the beach and be confident, i have never been able to. I look great with my shirt on, but i never have been what I wanted. and i want to know

    also we all have the "V" cut? i want one, i think i see on underneath lol....will it come by cutting? if not...howww?

    I need feedback

    Here is my plan:

    Work Out 5-7 days a week.

    Sleep 8 hours a night

    Eat Around 200grams Protein aday

    Cardio Everyday

    Take WINADROL for cutting effect (its my hardest thing to cut, i never have and i cant...i have also done research on it.)

    take Liv.52 help my liver on winadrol...which isnt bad if im takin less then it asks for at first.

    and some creatine.

    ......................Seem like a good idea?

    and think i will be bigger, and more lean....for the 4 monthees away!?

    any other ideas?

    thanks everyone!

  2. Post up your diet in detail, A lot of cutting is based on diet so I'm sure a lot of people can help you on that. What is your training like? Post up your work-out. I think 7 days might be a bit much unless you have it set-up so you don't over-train. Why not stay away from the PH's and what have you till you have your diet and training 100% intact.

  3. Talking

    yea seven days a week working out is a lot, especially for a student athlete. five days is plenty for me between school and the little job i have. but anyways...

    if i were you i'd run through my diet and make sure it was clean, meaning no ridiculously high fat & high sugar foods and stuff. this will help keep you from putting on a lot of bodyfat. but at the same time man ya gotta will put on some so just deal with it. gain ur weight first, focus on cutting later cuz if you eat a lot, lift heavy, and then run it all off your just going to wear yourself out.

    but yea post ur diet like weakpoint said...

  4. thanks for the input

    i havent started the diet yet.

    i kinda need help on that, i mean i have a general idea

    with the ph(winadrol) i will take less than wat it asks for, and i will take Liv.52(liver Support) with it. I mean why do you say stay away? just until im 100% with my diet and training?or just all together?

    Okay My Training As Goes






    ....i do forearms, and abs 3 times a week...because those are my trouble areas, and need the work in

    I run cardio 10-20 mins

    training advice?


    what food's i mean...

    leave your comments!!!!

  5. for foods you'd be safe with
    brown rice
    whole wheat pasta
    beef lots of beef
    chicken breasts
    some pork if u like-----NOT BACON!!
    tuna cans & tuna packs
    skim milk
    eggs & egg whites
    natty p-butter
    sugar free jelly
    cottage cheese
    gatorade--for after workout
    whole grain tortilla chips w/ salsa
    whole wheat bread
    spray butter--for toast and stuff
    ...this should get u started

    and this is what you'll be doing

  6. haha thanks OFF 2 STOP AND SHOP!

    any more feedback on my

    winadrol taken with Liv.52 Support...and less than amount taken....

    maybe start with 1 capsule a day....asks for 3.

  7. No point in taking it at lower-dosage...I'm not gonna talk about the whole steroids thing, maybe post up your cycle in the section. ANYWAYS, I know he listed a lot of good foods for yeah and I'd take his advice and just go with it for awhile and you will see drastic changes.

  8. no prob man my grocery bill is uaually a lil over $100 a week.

    nd sorry i don't konw much about winadrol & stuff...i need to start researching PH HGH and all that other stuff

    good luck man..

  9. i appreicate it


    and see if that works....because i never have done it like that

    so in accuality i have NO IDEA if that would work for me

    ill do it like that

    think ill be fit in time for spring break lol

    **** winadrol

  10. Good choice. Just watch once you get your diet 100% you'll notice a huge difference.

  11. hey ima gonna post then in 2-3 monthes

    not gonna lie 1 week in..with the diet

    i look leaner...


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