Injured Recently

  1. Injured Recently

    I have been working out really hard over the past 14 months and have went from 140 lbs to 195 lbs by only taking creatine, eating right, and protein. I recently tore my left rotator cuff and am really pist off about it because I can't lift **** with my left arm now. What can I do to keep from losing what I have gained? The doctor says I will need at least 6 weeks of no lifting if not 10. Somebody help me!

  2. Your best bet is to focus on your diet and work on conditioning. Very light, high rep PT movements at best.

    I don't think you'll be red shirt for 10 full weeks, but I'd at least give it a month to 6 weeks

  3. On the bright side, your CNS, muscles, and other joints will be getting a much needed rest. The best way to avoid catabolism is through calorie selection. There will inevitably be some atrophy of the muscle, but it can be minimized. Also, whatever you lose will be quickly regained once your training resumes.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. As far as diet is concerned, focus on the normal stuff? Chicken, tuna, nuts, brown rice, black beans and so on? Low fat stuff, or should I be changing my normal diet as well?

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