My Valentines Present

  1. My Valentines Present

    My fiancee got me a 40 pound weight vest by Title. I am a security guard in a 5 story building in the evenings. I run the stairs a couple of times a night. This is gonna make running those stairs a whole new adventure! LOL!

    Once I get used to it a bit, I'm gonna start jogging the hill we live on. Its about 3/4 mile long, and has a pretty good slope to it.

    If ya'll don't hear from me anymore, ya might want to check the cardiac centers at the hospitals here!

  2. Sounds like she's trying to send a message,did you get her a bike in return,with a little bikini she can't fit into?

  3. LOL! No, its what I wanted. She got boxing gloves (mma style) and a speed bag, along with a dozen roses for good measure

  4. Run Fatboy Run!

  5. I should talk though. I haven't been doing cardio or any exercise since I have been sick for the past week. I feel like what my avatar looks like!.

  6. I screwed up a cutting phase(lost too much muscle)that lasted 13 days,so now i feel like a women getting fat cause i'm so much smaller,and i'm bulking like crazy.

  7. yea I think I'm gonna start a cut here pretty soon, but my main goal is just to get in better "cardio shape".

  8. The main lesson i learned was to make changes to the body very slow.(increasing cardio,lowering carbs)I haven't applied that yet,I want to be bigger then when i started this last cut when i try again,so i'll see how it goes.I just wanted results right then and there,so i cut carbs quickly and started cardio for the first time in a while all at once and it ate me up.I have a fast metabolism and physical job,just to let you know.

  9. Well tonight I made it to the 3rd floor and back. Was really huffin and puffin when I got there. Doesn't help matters that I hit legs hard yesterday and they are sore as hell. I'll try again tomorrow and see how it goes.


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