Chest Question

  1. Chest Question

    I have been working out for about four years now and i am seeing great progress everywhere except for my chest. I feel like my chest is strong enough(i max bpress 330) but i am unhappy with the way it looks....just not quite to par. Any suggestions on workouts or supps?

  2. What do your sets x reps looks like? Your maximal strength has much less to do with the aesthetics of your pecks and more to do with neural aspects of your strength mechanism. Ignore the last sentence if that was too wordy, I can't help but talk like that when it comes to bodybuilding/physiology.

    What do your sets and reps look like when you bench, including which exercises. What does your average bench day look like?

  3. typically people with smaller chest cavities and or long arms encounter this issue. Another reason is well developed strong front delts that initiate the lift and prevent the chest from superceeding the delts power. Try practicing your press where you feel total chest activation and use a smaller range of motion , like charles glass recommends. Check this thread out

  4. I work out chest and triceps just about every four days. Usually i do a heavy day 4-6 reps on each excercise and a lighter day anywhere from 8-14 reps.

    3x bpress or flat dbell
    3-4x incline dbell with some flyes thrown in
    Superset of low and regular cable cross usually four sets
    3x dbell pullovers
    then finish up with alternating sets of 20 incline decline and regular pushups.

    Sometimes that workout changes but that is what i have been doing for the past month or so.

    And to respong to the other comment i think you could be right. I am 6'3 215 so maybe that is it. But i have been focusing on my pectorals more lately becuase i did notice that i had that front delt problem earlier.

    Thanks alot for your feedback guys

  5. You could be doing too much.try 3-4 sets flat,inc,and dec bench presses(or dips).If you can't feel your chest contracting,(i'm guessing you can't,and don't lie)then thats your problem.Practice at home without weights,to get the contraction down as you push,and lower the weight in the gym if needed,and it probably will be needed.Then increase your weight,but never at the expense of not feeling your chest contracting,you should be able to make it hurt almost like your bi's with curls.Markus Ruhl suggested to do 2 bench presses and one fly movement,with reps of 15,12,8,and 4 on presses.Branch Warren suggested what i suggested to you.Bench presses are the mass builders which is what you need.And also good numbers,i couldn't bench 330,but my chest is not a problem area.Numbers dont mean **** in bodybuilding,not max lifts,not measurements,not even bodyweight.

  6. I think that i am probably over doing it in the gym because i definitely feel it then and the next couple days. Like i said i had a problem with using too much delt but i fixed it. I think thast lowering the weight and sets for a little while would be a good idea.

    Thanks for the help


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