BigA's Workout- Any good?

  1. BigA's Workout- Any good?

    This is a workout that a pro-bber recommends(note-its not his workout, he does some personal training)

    I'm thinking of changing it so it goes 8 rep min/12 max instead of 4-6 as its listed. What do you guys think? It looks ok to me, but are there any other programs that are better?

    I really appreciate the help.

    Mon - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
    * Incline press - warm-up sets, 1 work set
    * Flat flyes - 1 work set
    * Millitary press - 1 warm-up, 1 work set
    * Lateral flyes - 1 work set
    * Rear delt machine - 1 work set
    * Tricep pushdowns - 1 warm-up, 1 work set
    * Lying tricep extensions - 1 work-set

    Wed - Quads, Hams, Calves
    * Squats - warm-ups, 1 work set
    * Leg press - work set
    * Leg extension - work set
    * Leg curl - warm-up, work set
    * Stiff leg deadlift - work set
    * Standing calf raise - work set

    Fri - Abs, Back, Bis
    * Rope crunches - warm up, work set
    * Lat pull down - warm-ups, work set
    * Deadlift - warm-up, work set
    * Bent-over rows - work set
    * Shrugs - work set
    * Standing BB curls - warm up, work set
    * Concentration curl - work set

    You do a lot of warm-ups for your first exercise of
    the day. You do one warm-up for the first exercise of
    each bodypart, only to optimise the firing of te
    Let's use chest as an example - if for example your
    max (work set) in the incline press is 3 plates, then
    you do 2 warm-ups with the bar, 2 warm-ups with one
    plate, 1 warm-up with 2 plates and then your work set
    with 3 plates. The work set is a set where you fail at
    about 6 reps. Every workout, you have to do more reps
    or increase the weight in that work set (remember, the
    muscle has to do something that it has not done
    before). So if one work out you fail with 6 reps, the
    following nothing less than 7. When you reach 8 reps,
    the following workout you should do (increase) a
    weight where you can do minimum 4 reps. Then increase
    your reps again every workout until you reach 8 again,
    and so on. Each rep has a tempo of 2-1-1. That is 2
    seconds in the negative, one second in the contraction
    and 1 second in the positive.
    Then, after you fail in the incline press, you move
    straight to flat flyes. You do not need a warmp now
    because your chest is more than warm after you failed
    on presses.
    And that's it for chest. The basic routine stays the
    same. If you want variety, small changes as using DB's
    instead of BB or doing flat presse and incline flyes
    for example, is mor ethan enough variety to keep the
    muscle 'confused'.

  2. The good ol Push/Pull.I've never really liked it just because I need shoulders on its own day. What exactly are your goals? Cut? Bulk? Let me get this right your only doing 1 working set? Doesn't seem like enough. To many exercises not enough sets.

  3. My goal is to bulk. I think I'll try finding a diff routine, any tips?


  4. 4-6 reps will have greater strength implications. Your instincts to switch it up to 8-12 reps is a good idea. 8-12 rep range is a much more hypertrophic zone (muscle size).

    Don't feel intimidated to question the knowledge of "pro-bb" with all that science running through their veins, they can do almost anything and see results, so their size and strength is no indication of their knowledge of exercise physiology. Your instincts to change his volume setting was right on

  5. Why not keep it how you have it set-up just give shoulders its own day.

    I did this split for 2 months and really liked it.
    For Chest/Tri day I'd do a chest exercise followed by a tricep exercises so for example

    Flat BB/DB
    Incline BB/DB
    Tricep Extensions and so forth.

    I tend to do all my "heavier exercises" at a 5x5 so 5 reps for 5 sets as heavy as I can go and then all my cables and some dumbbells I do 8-10 reps so for example

    Flat Bench 5x5
    Incline Bench 5x5
    Decline Bench 5x5
    Chest Flyes(cables) 8-10x3
    Cable Crossovers 8-10x3

    so for my shoulder day I'll do my DB shoulder press for 5x5 and then all my other exercises I'd do 8-10x3
    For legs I'd do Squats and Lunges with a BB and do them 5x5 then everything else 8-10x3.
    There are so many routines for bulking, some of the more popular ones are:
    Westside for skinny bastards.

    Sorry for such a long post just trying to give you some tips and tell you some stuff I do, you don't have to do exactly what I'm saying. Everyone is different and to each there own. Find something that works the best for you and play around with it a bit do a little tinkering and you'll find what you like.



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