Dc Training Results

  1. Dc Training Results

    Hey guys! Just thought that everyone that has done the Dc training program could share their experiences and results. Just basic stats and what you liked and disliked about the program.

  2. Highly recommended. Consistent strength and size gains.

  3. thats what i hear I am still trying to understand it completely though. Anyone else?

  4. For anyone that uses the dc program could you explain your quad workout reps, and if you use rest pause and so on. I have read alot about it but can't seem to get an exact idea on this one body part. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

  5. You perform one 6-rep max set of straight reps then follow with a 20-rep widowmaker. Of course you are going to thoroughly warm up towards the 6-rep max and then you go straight to the widowmaker. Suggested exercises include squats, leg presses, and hack squats. However you are to choose three different exercises and alternate each leg workout.



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