Advanced training technique w/ Keto/AD diet

  1. Advanced training technique w/ Keto/AD diet

    I was wondering if anyone had an idea on a specific regiment that might work/has worked for them while on the keto/AD diet ( ex. DC - but if I remember correctly you really have to eat a LOT of food to keep your body from overtraining )?

    Im going to start the ALRI stack in the coming weeks and want to recomp.

    How many calories will I need to intake to be able to recomp, if I remember correctly Dr. Di Pasquale said that you can eat over your maintenance kals and still lose fat ( but what about bulk? )?

    I am 5'7, 25yrs old, 215-220 and about 18-20% b/f ( waiting till my b/f drops some more before recomp ), my diet currently is (pro/fat/cho % wise) 30/66/4

    Right now I am doing a 5 day split and it works out pretty good for me but I really want to shake things up as this is the basic split i've done basically always.

    Thanks all!


  2. try more of a full body or push/pull split.

    5 day routines are fine but i think if you change your routine up you will see results from the change alone. regardless of diet or supplements.

    change = growth ... you can quote me

  3. JDF: I'm also on the anabolic diet and have modified my training schedule to work better.

    My logic thus far is this: I want to hit my workouts the hardest on monday and tuesday, as the glycogen stores from the carb load will allow the most muscle growth. The next two days I'll do my best to hit the lifts as hard as I can without unduly tearing tissue, as I've read that without glycogen stores, muscle tissue is more prone to damage. Friday will be a full body depletion workout to prepare for the weekend carbload.

    For me it looks like this:
    M/W Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Calves
    T/Th Legs/Back/Biceps/Forearms
    F 15-20 sets of 15 reps, full body

    Currently i'm testing changing up rest times. Previously, i kept rest time strict at 90-100s / set. Currently i'm about 120-150s but hitting great numbers on the lifts.

    My logic behind my training follow pretty closely that of SilverBack from mmipowertraining. My schedule is somewhat based off of his ATS system, employing 3 different types of sets:
    1: 5-8 reps 1s concentric 2s eccentric
    2: 10-12 reps 2s concentric 2s eccentric
    3: 15-20 reps 3s concentric 3s eccentric

    I find this has elicited the most growth and strength I've been able to build.

    Props to *sb* for all the work and research he did

  4. proeliator im not sure if i understand your work out, can you give an example of what your week looks like??

    I was thinking about doing something like:

    Mon/Thurs: Chest/Shoulders/Tri's
    Tues/Fri: Legs/Back/Bicep's
    Wednesday: Calves/Forearms/Cardio

    I was thinking of keeping rep ranges on Mon/Tues in the 10-12 area while on Thurs/Fri moving to the 3-7 range with lower weight.

    Im not sure about how many sets I should be doing, I typically dont have a set routine and just kind of let me body guide me ( I always base my workouts around olympic style lifts in the rep range of 2-7; squats, deadlifts, heavy BB rows, clean and presses, flat BB bench, flat BB bench lockouts for power ).

    I was also wondering if anyone could recommend any books on different routines? I enjoy reading up on this subject as post college fitness has become a real hobby of mine.

    Thanks all

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