Bad day at the gym or was it lack of Drive?

  1. Bad day at the gym or was it lack of Drive?

    So today I went to the gym at 5:30am as always (didn't go yesterday cause it was a holiday here in Mexico and it wwas closed).

    Today the only different things were: I took my breakfast shake at 3:30 am and went back to sleep (prepared it the night before and left it frozen near my bed so it would be "fresh" at 3:30am) woke up at 5:00am took some NO supplemets (arginine) and the second thing was my Drive bottle finished so I didn't take it today.

    Now today when I hit the gym I couldn't lift!!!! I can usually bench press 110 kgs x 10 (around 220lbs) today couldn't lift 150lbs for 8 reps . What's wrong with me??? I mean Drive is good but I don't think it can affect so much my lifting, can it? Plus arginine should've gave me a pump.

    I wasn't tired at all I just couldn't manage the weight , any ideas?

    Thanks guys I am really worried, my progress from 1 and a half months has disappeared.

  2. I think you just had a bad day bro. It's 85% mental so dont let it get ya down. Make sure to get adequate rest too. I wake up around 4am, and that is a trying time. Sometimes your vibrant, other times to just want to go back to bed

  3. Bad days happen, it could be a variable of a combination of things. Don't let it get to you.

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