How should i schedule my lifts?? what days should i do what?

  1. How should i schedule my lifts?? what days should i do what?

    Ok well i am trying to figure out what muscle groups would be best for me to work, i am pretty much trying to get bigger and stay somewhat lean and then eventually cut again but thats besides the point. I am playing football and were training right now and we lift Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have to do a few lifts and we can also do what ever for our auxilarys so i am just trying to figure out what would be best. We also do cardio sessions and such on tuesday and thursday.

    Bench Press
    Box Squat

    Power Clean
    Dead Lift

    Towel Bench

    note: we also have to do 3 certain aux's every lifting day and that is 3 sets of each and its stiff leg dead lift very light weight we stand on a box with about about 65 pounds and reach down as much as possible mainly for flexibility. Band Pulls use a band a stand on it as wide as you can handle and pull it to your chest. Back Extensions no weight 10 reps easy.

    Well i am just trying to figure out what i should do on those days in addition and how many sets and reps i should aim for, on each.

  2. You have some pretty specific goals here. Your workout program will not help you achieve these goals alone, rather your total lifestyle regimen (i.e. diet especially, sleep habits, workouts, stress levels, etc) will push you towards either progress or failure.

    So the first step is to make sure your diet is in order. And when I say diet, I don't mean depriving yourself of foods. That's an antiquated notion held by many people. By diet, I mean how you eat in general, the foods you choose, your daily macronutrient goals, etc. A good place to start would be to find your lean body mass. Figure out your body fat percentage, multiply that by your total weight and the number you'll get indicates your estimated "fat" weight. Subtract this number from your total weight and you have your lean body mass.

    From there, take your lean body mass and multiply by about 1.5. This is roughly how many grams of protein you need per day to achieve muscle growth. Keep carbs modestly high (whatever works for you) and the fats will follow.

    Once your diet is in check, figure out your workout scheme.
    For your case, I'd say stick to the major compound lifts that will aid you practically in football. This means, bench press(es), deadlift, squat, barbell row. And you can throw in isolated exercises to more specifically target each muscle group.

    Mon focus on chest and maybe triceps/ shoulders. Wed work legs. Fri alternate between deadlift and barbell row to work your back. As for your rep range, 6-12 reps is good. I don't see the point in training for a one rep max per se. Your body gets so much more out of doing more fluid reps.

    Of course you can adjust this to your liking. But this is a tentative idea for you.

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