Training Advice/Help- I need it.

  1. Training Advice/Help- I need it.

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some info on setting up a program, actually more a long the lines of input on what I'm looking at starting. It's been almost two years since I trained hard, so I'm a bit soft not only in the head but in the body. I'm pulling about 20% (give or take) body fat for the first time in my life. Iím weighing in at about 195 and Iím a hair over 5í8Ē.

    My goals are dropping body fat and working up my strength. I'm looking at a 5x5 routine, supplemented with HIIT on my off days. The supplements I'm planning on using are:

    AST Creatine
    AST Multi-vitamin
    O/N whey
    Anabolic Pump
    Leviathan Reloaded
    Golden Finish

    I'm looking at adding in Diesel Test Hardcore and R4W as time goes on as well, although I'm curious about whether or not the Leviathan and the R4W will interact in not so positive a way.

    Iíve already stripped my diet down, and cut out the crap food. Iím eating 6-7 times a day and pulling in about 200g of protein/day all from the whey, eggs (6 whites/2 yolks), and lean meats. My carbs are the on place where Iím caught in a mindset of less is better, but I have been making sure to get about 20-30g per meal, especially with the Anabolic Pump in the mix.

    The big issue I'm running into is that of the lifts I can do. I'm going to be lifting at home due to just buying a house and having a baby so a gym membership is a luxury right now. The only reason I'm even supplementing as much at the moment is due to having a nice hookup through a friend that I couldn't turn down. I have an Olympic bar and 600lbs of weight and 180lbs worth of dumbbells (5-90), however I have no bench so I need to adjust my exercises accordingly, especially in the case of working my quads since I have no squat rack or other means of getting the weight in place.

    Here is the workout as planned thus far:

    Monday-Chest & Arms
    Floor Press
    Dumbbell Press
    Tricep Press
    Standing Bar Curl

    Tuesday- HIIT

    Wednesday-Legs, Back Extensors& Shoulders
    Duck Foot Dead lift (only exercise I could think of that will hit my quads as a compound exercise)
    Sumo Dead lift
    Dumbbell Clean & Press
    Standing Calf Raise

    Thursday-Rest or HIIT

    Friday-Lats, Traps, and Forearms
    Barbell Row
    Barbell Shrug
    Seated Wrist Curl
    Reverse Seated Wrist Curl

    Saturday/Sunday- HIIT or Rest

    As I said any critiquing and input is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind though that I only have a floor to work with.

    Oh yeah and sorry about the lengthy post.

    Thanks everyone.


  2. Buy a bench. You can pick one up on craigslist pretty cheaply.

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