Before/After Pics with Bobo and FLA Nutrition

  1. Before/After Pics with Bobo and FLA Nutrition

    I became a client of Bobo's and FLA Nutrition in October of 2005. I hired him to create both cutting and bulking plans for me. I never did Bobo and FLA the honor of showing the big changes he has helped me accomplish... Well, here is a long over-due "Thank You, Bobo".

    The before pic is the full body pic in the black boxers (hopefully I wouldn't have to say that but you never know!). The rest are after pics.
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  2. I would recommend FLA Nutrition to anyone that is serious and willing to make a strong committment to get results. He is the best in the biz....

    Might also be worthy of note that the before pic is after 3 weeks of superdrol which I had no business doing. The after pic is from July '06.

    I definitely still have lots of work to do though...

  3. nice work man.. it's especially noticeable in your chest.. keep it up

  4. Thanks Red Dog! I have been cutting much more that bulking... Definitely need to add some lean mass all around.

  5. Another...
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