Whats your split?

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  1. Mon- Chest/weighted abs/cardio
    Tues- Off
    Wed- Bi/Tri/cardio
    Thurs- cardio/abs

  2. Lifts on the same line are superset.

    - DB incline, DB overhead ext.
    - DB bench, BB decline ext.
    - Cable fly, Cable rope pulldown

    - Cable row, DB hammer
    - Lat pulldown, DB inc. curl
    - BB deadlift, BB preacher

    3: ABS
    - Machine crunch
    - Lying leg raise
    - Oblique crunch

    - DB side, DB rear, BB shrug
    - UR row, Cable shrug
    - Cable side, Cable rear

    - Leg press, seat. curl, seat. calf raise
    - DB lunge, ly. curl, stand. calf raise

  3. m- shoulders
    t - arms
    w - legs
    t - off
    f - chest
    s - back
    s - off

    lift arms and shoulders heavy one week while lifting chest and back light....then swtich it up next week and lift back and chest heavy and go for more reps on shoulders and arms...has been workin for me the last few weeks gonna keep at it

  4. What happened to back day?

    Quote Originally Posted by avenue Red View Post
    Mon- Chest/weighted abs/cardio
    Tues- Off
    Wed- Bi/Tri/cardio
    Thurs- cardio/abs

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Thixotrope View Post
    What happened to back day?
    yea i noticed that myself

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Train4Life View Post
    I like your routine. What about shoulders? Didn't see 'em. Do you find that your legs are rested enough between Sunday and Thursday and Sunday again?
    i dont work my shoulders directly anymore, they are very overdeveloped from heavy pressing movements, and dwarf my arms (a little)...anyways they get more than enough work from any kind of pressing movement i do, they just got way to sore when i used to do shoulders on wednesday.

    as for legs, i feel they get enough rest from sunday to thursday,...on sundays i dont do both front and back squat, i do one or the other, and then the opposite on thursday.

    i actually do alot of this with many of the muscle groups, and i usually never stick with one particular exercise for more than a month, unless its one of the big compound movements....i like to change it up alot, it helps to progress and hit less plateaus.
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  7. I normally do sets of 10,8,6 increasing weight as i lower reps

    m - chest/tris/shoulder
    t - cardio or rest
    w - back/biceps
    th - cardio or rest
    f - legs/shoulders
    sat/sun - rest (more like get worn out by toddler)


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