What kind of physique can be achieved with light weight lifting????

  1. What kind of physique can be achieved with light weight lifting????

    i have been lifting for 6 years now, started weighing 115 pounds and am now 170 pounds.
    For some reason i will not be able to dedicate myself to bodybuilding as much as i am today. I will lift at home, not having tons of weight, not being able to do squats, deadlifts and big bench press...

    I am wondering what kind of physique can one have if he lifts 4 times a week for example, without a perfectly set program and with smal weights.. ( i'm talking about benching 165 pounds for example, doing some shoulders, arms exercices etc..)
    i want to change my way of living and not live for bodybuilding as i do right now ( you know, eating every 2 hours, being insane if i miss a workout, taking tons of supplements etc...) and just do it for fun...

    Can you stay muscular, ripped etc without lifting heavy weights, you know doing long series with lighter weights for example. Can you have a good physique or can you only expect to have an average one...

    I'd like to know this because i have always been told that the more i lifted the better i'll look so since i can't train heavy anymore i'm worried about it..

    I'd like to have people's opinion on it and also if there are people that are in the same situation as i am please tell me about you..

  2. I would never train long regardless of the weights. With lighter weights just use different intensity techniques like drop sets, pre-exhaust, super slow-mo reps, etc.

  3. Yes you can stay muscular,riped even strong...
    There were one reserch which showes that training with weight which you can lift 6-20reps it has the same influence on strength like you will lift low reps.
    You see low reps will beside strength,get you and weightlifting skils,because of them you will lift more.Somethimes when someone is progresing in some exercise it doesnt mean that he is geting stronger,his strength can stay at same level,but better skills of lifting are those which brings increasement.And this is what happens to people who doesnt know principles of training,don't understand me wrong,in powerlifting is great to have big skills of lifting,but in other sports,includeing bodybuilding that is not something for which you should lose your time,or in football you can easy see in tackles,explosive acceleration,speed,jumps etc.does your training bring you strength increese or better skills,what is wrong.

    With higher reps 6-20,you will get only strength,but not and weightlifting skills for bigger weight.Beside strength you will get hypertrophy also with high rep training,definicion...Immporta nt thing is not to stay on light weight,you must increase properly,somethimes people stay too long on weight which they pass long ago.

    But too light is different thing,it could be good for loseing calories,nothing else.

  4. You'll stay toned, I don't know about strength though. Conventionalism tells me that you certainly won't stay where you're at now. I only work out 4 times a week, and I don't see any benefit to working out more, except that I could hit arms a little harder if I did them on a seperate day. Now my routine is as follows: Day1: Back, a few shoulder reps. Day 2: Chest, abs, arms. Day 3: Shoulders, abs, cardio. Day 4: Legs, cardio, anything I may have missed throughout the week. This is what works for my current schedule. Sometimes I have to do shoulders and arms at home with light weight, doesn't seem to affect me from week to week.

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