Hey, so after a months worth of going through am, i compiled a workout/supplement plan for the next month or two. I started this a month ago but finished up last minute seeing as how i'm going back to school where i can work out and eat correctly in about 2 days.

I'd like some critiques and comments and advice on my routine, whatever you guys think:
I'm 6'2, 175 lbs, aiming for mass and some strength, but more mass.

Primary Chest/Triceps
DB Bench Press 3x(6-8)
DB Incline Press 2x(8-10)
Decline Machine 2x(6-8)
Tricep Pulldown/overhead 4x10
Dips 3x(8-10)
Skullcrushers 2x(8-10)
Pec Flys 2x(8-10)

Bented Long Bar Rows 2x(8-10)
Seated Cable Rows3x(8-10)
Seated 90 Curl 3x(8-10)
Seated high row 2x(6-8)
777 Curls 2x
Hammer Curl 3x(10)
Forearm/Backwards Curl 4x10
Pull-ups to burnout

Squat 3x(15-20)
Deadlifts 3x(10-12)
Leg Press 3x(10-15)
Calf Raise 3x(10-15)

Smith Behind Neck press 3x(10-12)
DB Front Raise 2x8
Smith Shoulder Press 3x(6-8)
Lat Pull Downs 2x10
Chin Lifts 3x(10-12)
DB Lateral Raises 3x(8-10)
Shrugs 3x(10-12)

Alternate Chest/Triceps
BB Bench Press 3x(10-12)
DB Incline Press 2x(10-12)
Decline Bench 2x(6-8)
Seated Dumbbell Tricep Raise 2x10
Tricep Pulldown/overhead 4x10
Close grip Bench2x(12-15)
Push-ups 2x(20)

Alternate Backs/Biceps/Forearms
Bented Dumbbell Palm-in Rows2x12
Incline Bench DB row 2x(8-10)
Seated Pull Row 3x(8-10)
Pull-ups 15-20
Wing Curl 2x8
Preacher curl 3x
Flat Forearm Curl 2x10
Wrist Roller 2x

Alternate Legs/Calves
Squat 3x(8-10)
Good-morning 3x(8-10)
Step Up 3x8
Calf Raise 3x(8-10)

Alternate Shoulders/Traps/Lats
BB Neck Press 3x(6-8)
DB Shoulder Press 3x10
DB Lateral Raises 3x10
Upright Rows 3x(10-12)
BB Front Raise 2x8
Lat Pull Downs 2x10
Shrugs 2x(8-10)

Hip Raises
Incline Ball Sit Ups
Upper ab Machine
Lower ab machine
Side Crunches
Twisting Crunches

-Creatine monohydrate(5-7 Pre)
-Citrulline Malate 4-6 grams daily (3 Pre/3post)
-Beta Alanine 5g pre
-BCAAs 5g Pre
-aakg 3gx2 a day, or 3g PWO (empty stomach)
-100% Whey Protein
-Fish Oil

My aim is to bulk up and gain a great amount of mass. My genetics are good, fast metabolism, very anti-catabolic, i've been training since my freshman year of high school. Although i lifted alot of weights, it wasn't until now i realized and learned the mechanics of it. I just want to make sure i'm not overworking or underworking my muscles.

Above, it mentions 'primary' that will be my first week, so i'll do the primary chest day monday or so, then tuesday ill go to backs,biceps, then legs, then shoulders, rest day, then continue to my alternate plan. it cycles i guess. i plan on doing abs eveyr other day, unless i do it everyday.

again, i finished this up last minute so i may have done somethign stupid or forgot something. thanks for the help in advance!!