Bicepedal tendonitis on flat bench

  1. Bicepedal tendonitis on flat bench

    I am roadblocked on the flat bench press because the insertion of the biceps bilaterally into my shoulders is killling me. I take some formastane and I have heard that can cause some joint soreness but I used to pitch in an adult hardball league and made my right biceps hurt and a car accident (very severe, loosened up my left biceps).

    I had no pain at all and now have some really sharp pain and soreness.

  2. I don't know if you have access to this near you, but I have dealt with forearm tendonitis for about 6 mnths now. One of the few things that has helped me is ART (Active Release Technique) Therapy. Check out the website at and do a provider search in your area. I was able to find someone in my area who worked with me for about $40 a session (not covered by most insurance). Very effective.

  3. hey bud I had the same problem. What I did was after every workout no matter the bodypart is rub and massage it for about ten minutes. Not a nice relaxing rub either you have to dig in there and it can be painfull but it improved each day until totally healed. If you have a hot tub available I would also sit in there for a while and let a jet work on it for a bit.

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