is this too much?

  1. is this too much?

    this is my cardio routine
    i am trying to lean up a much as possible
    i do three days on 1 off 3 on for a total of 6 days a week
    day 1 cardio after weight training
    cardio is 5 miles on treadmill 3.5 mph for half a lap then 7.5 mph for half a lap, then 3.5 mph for half a lap then 9.5 mph for half a lap, and then 3.5 for half a lap then 11.5 mph for half a lap
    i then repeat from the beginning with the 3.5 mph half lap the 7.5 mph for half and continue with repeat of process until 5 miles is up
    which takes around an hour
    day 2 just the cardio no weights
    day 3 repeat day one
    day 4 off
    day 5 repeat day 2
    day 6 repeat day one
    day 7 repeat day two

    is this too much cardio
    what do yall think?
    what would you modify?
    thanx in advance for the help

  2. If you wanna burn fat and get lean, then I'd suggest doing 3 days of cardio per week. 20-35 minutes each time, whichever you prefer. Try doing it on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Don't hesitate to take any supplements to help you achieve your goals, such as Hardcore Shred-XS, Leviathan Reloaded, RPM, Adrenaline, DCP, anything.

    Also, for future reference as a rule of thumb; If you think it's too much, then it most likely is. Most of us here follow that. It's pretty much common sense, not implying that you have none. Just keep that in mind.

    Good luck in achieving your results, in the safest and healthiest way possible.

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