Leg tingles after exercise, should I worry?

  1. Leg tingles after exercise, should I worry?

    hey people

    I'm 34 yo guy, currently on no-explode, nitrix, cellmass and methyl-e, had a really hard leg session today, half way through I noticed that the front of my leg just above my shin is numb and tingles when I touch it, my toes are ok as well as the rest of the leg, only left leg is affected.

    I am curious why does it happen, is this normal? Should I be concerned?

    I appreciate your thoughts


  2. Well, it may not be the supplements. It may be that you are doing something wrong with your form, such as going too low in your legpress and causing your spine to curve. That might cause some pain or nerve issues.

  3. I think the muscles and tendons (mainly tendons) during your movement are constricting certain nerves somewhere due to inflammation and too much stress on the tendon. One day I was doing way too many forced concentration curls with 55 which is way more than I should have been doing, and I had a back workout that night. When I tried to do heavier weight on a single arm dumbbell row (probably 110 or something) I felt something around my brachialis click and my entire forearm went numb and tingly for a minute or so. Tried going down to 60 after that, but any pull on the tendon connecting there around the brachialis would feel like it was being pulled off my bone and start tingling. Had to wait about a week before it completely went away.

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