Five or Six Day Cutting/Ripped Workout

  1. Five or Six Day Cutting/Ripped Workout

    Yo Everyone, can ANYONE recommend an ultimate 5 or 6 day split routine to get ripped and shredded like Sly in Rambo III or Rocky IV? My head is spinning with all the bull**** workout routines from magazines and from certain posts on other crap, I mean web sights. I respect everything that you guys told me in the past, and now I am ready for an all out assault with diet and exercise. I remember I inquired about a routine that Stallone used for Rambo, and I want to get there also. Please help!!!

  2. you should get that 300 workout video... **** rambo this is sppppaarrrta

  3. What 300 workout???

  4. Thanks a lot. I will check it out, and if there is anything else you guys recommend, bring it!!!

  5. ^^he nailed it


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