More or Less Reps and Sets?

  1. More or Less Reps and Sets?

    I feel Im making faster gains doing less reps with more wieght and that I could be working each muscle more than once a week. What do you all think?

  2. less reps with more weight will definitely bring greater strength gains, the 4-6 range is best for that, the 8-12 range best for gaining mass, and over that for loosing fat.

  3. Also I am only working out 45~ minutes a day 3 times a week do you think I should be putting in more time than that?

  4. really thats more dependent on your body. I'm guessing you are doing a split and just hitting each body part 1x each week. You might want to try taking the same program, and making it a 3 days out of 5 rotation so

    M Tu Th Sa Su Tu

    so assuming you are doing a split as say back+shoulders, chest, legs

    back monday, legs tues, off wed, chest thurs, off fri, then back sat legs sun off mon chest tues


  5. Using both is best, but not at the same time. Do one style for 12 weeks or so, take a week off for CNS recovery, and then switch to the other for 12 weeks. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys




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