any 1 here a personal trainer?needs advice!

  1. any 1 here a personal trainer?needs advice!

    Hey everyone I Just got my ACE personal trainer course in the mail.. And I got some questions for anyone who is already a personal trainer..

    1.) How long did it take you to get certified?

    2.) How many hours a day did you spend studying, and how many day did you spend studying?

    3.)Are you making good money and how much do you charge per hour?

    Any additional advice would be nice.. thanks

  2. Bump. Maybe try other areas of the forum?

  3. GO with NSCA, NASM or ACSM if your looking into serious training. Those 3 organizations are 3 of the most recognized companies. In order being NASM and NSCA being somewhat tied, NASM has branches of CPT for sports etc, ACSM has been around a long time.
    Price per hour is due to certification and reputation, if your at a private owned gym you talk to the owner about pricing. LA Fitness fitness pays 15 (i think) per hour no matter what certifications and 24 hour fitness takes into account Certifications.

  4. BTW didnt mean to knock ACE, they are fine also, just the other 3 are more well looked at in certain places, who knows its all about whos hiring your really.

  5. I am certified through NASM and it took about 4 months for me. Working in home I charged $75hour, in a gym I got a % and if I remember correctly it was about 75-80%. I made good money for me at the time but if your looking to make a living doing PT you need to venture out on your own and do in home training and or have your own studio. You'll never survive working for a gym unless your single. If you have a family or will have one look into your own studio.

  6. My gym here charges I believe $80/hr. I always wondered how much PT got out of that.


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