Push And Pull?

  1. Push And Pull?

    i was talking to a guy in my gym and he said he does the push pull work out? like benching is a push and a pull would b biceps or something i dunno? he said he does a push and a pull in one day. if anyone does a push pull workout what exactly is their routine and what is it thanks!

  2. Push/Pull is exactly what it sounds like. Perform one exercise that requires a push movement, like bench press. Then move on to an exercise that requires a pull, like rows. Simply put, anything involving biceps is considered a pull. I'm not sure if a push/pull philosophy would work in EVERY circumstance, but you don't need to make lifting complicated. Push/Pull isn't superior to anything else, supersets, drop sets, forced reps, they all have their place. The principle to success in bodybuilding is variation. Variation in exercises, Variation in frequency, volume & intensity, rest.

    I'll emphasize volume & intensity (sets x reps & amount of weight). Adjusting this will have an emphasis on the type of adaption(s) your body makes in response to your program, muscular, neural and endocrinological ("emphasis" on growth hormone or testosterone).

  3. I've done it on days that I've trained whole upper body. This is easiest to acheive on the cables by pulling the lower cable like a row, and pushing the upper cable like a press. It is quite a unique exercise, and great for an upper body or split routine.

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