How Can i do the right Workout?

  1. How Can i do the right Workout?

    Hey guys,
    I ve been working out for almost 1 year now.
    I take it really serious, I work out 3 to 4 times a week.
    The problem is, I am still skinny, I am 6,0 and I weight about 165 pounds.
    I ve started work out every muscel part with doing 3 sets with 12,10,8 reps. I got a lot stronger, but now its finally time to really gain some weight.
    Now what is the best way, to increase mass? I think I should try out some mass schedules, unfortunately I dont really know much about that.
    I am taking only free weights, so if you guys could give me some informations, how that mass schedule could look like, and how long I shoud do it, until i switch back to the workout I ve been doing so far.
    I would be really glad to get answers.
    Thank you fab

  2. if you want mass, eat bigger and smarter ... get your diet in check first ... then worry about a new workout

  3. How much did you weigh a year ago?
    How do you split up your routine?
    How many sets/body part are you doing?
    How do you manage your power/mass movements like bench press and squat (maybe even deadlift)?


  4. multi-joint exercises
    heavy weight
    good form
    bar speed (explosive concentrics, controlled eccentrics)
    6000+ (if possible) cals over 6-7 meals
    adequate rest
    supplementation-creatine, fish oil, look up 2 lines, etc.

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