Big Pop In Elbow, While Doing Heavy Inclines

  1. Big Pop In Elbow, While Doing Heavy Inclines

    OK, i was doing 400lbs, on the smith machine, doing a high incline bench. on the 4 rep, i go down, then proceed to push the weight back up, about a 1/3 of the way up, it feels as if someone hit me in back of my arm. (right on my elbow) i immediately racked the weight and went home. this happened Friday late afternoon, i iced it all day sat. i woke up sunday morning and a good amount of bruising, was all along the inside of my bicep and forearm. i just got back from the gym, and talked to a trainer there, he said, if i tore anything, i wouildn't be able to move my arm much at all, but i seem to have full range of motion, meaning i can bend and extend it pretty much all the way. yes, its sore and swollen though. he said i probably have a minor tear, but doesn't seem like anything major. what do u guys think, any responses would be appreciated. dave.

  2. I think you would know that day or the day after if it was something serious. How is your form?

    Update or conclusion to this post?

  3. Personally, I don't trust trainers and their cracker jack box certificates. I would proceed cautiously and see a doctor. If this isn't an option disengage from any type excercise that utilizes that joint and rest it. Make sure though to keep it moving because you don't want it to get stiff and atrophy. Keep the blood flowing. Maybe some VERY LIGHT resistance band work at home. The kind of stuff they make you do if you're rehabilitating a muscle. Low intensity cardio, an ass load of glutamine, vitamin C, glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM, etc. If you hit it from every angle you can minimize down time.

    A good rule of thumb with an injury is to ALWAYS wait longer than what you think you should until you start you routine back.

    Let us know how it turns out!

  4. Agreed, what type of trainer was it? Go see a AT (Athletic Trainer) Or a doctor specialist about it just due to the fact your lifts are heavy and that can be a serious injury lurking. Any bone pain? Shoulder and hand pain? Sometimes fractures come from other areas but dont show up right away until you lift heavy again, dont push it see someone else about it. At PT (Physical Therapist) would be great also.

  5. just for an update, ive already had surgery, i had a torn tricep tendon. i had surgery about 2 months ago. id say my arm is back maybe 70%. im healing rather quickly it seems. anyways, thats what happened. dr. said about 90% of the tendon was torn off the bone.



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