What do you guys think of BOWFLEX?

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  1. It seems at least 90% of people that sh!t-talk the Bowflex (or similar Weider models) have never done a single workout on using one. If you have used one and didn't like it fine, but don't "knock it 'til you try it".

    Yes, you can get results using it. It's not as versatile as a gym, and the type of resistance (wrt resistance rod models) is not like that which you get from free weights. The resistance is exponential... the farther you bend the rod, the harder it is to bend. So, for example, on bench pressing... the resistance felt at chest level would be much less than what you will feel as you extend the arms outward. It takes a little getting used to, but you learn to adjust for this, mainly by doing partial reps.

    All in all, I think the Bowflex coupled w/ some auxillary equipment (like 20-30# DBs, a curl bar w/ about 100# of plates to go on it) will get you going nicely. The bench, as stated, will lay flat, incline, and nearly straight up for shoulder work.

    The toughy about the Bowflex is leg work. It has okay leg extension and curl attachments, but I find myself resorting to DB lunges for my "pressing" motion.

    I got the extra resistance package (~430# total, I think) and the lat pull-down bar.

    Would I go buy a bowflex instead of free-weights starting out? Only if I was only casually interested in staying fit.

    If you are serious at all, I would opt for free-weight equipment, as it's much more versatile and more "natural".

  2. i realise this thread was started a month ago,but i started on a crossbow.I'm old school now as far as being mainly freeweights.To me machines are like sex with a condom,better than nothing, but not the same as the real thing.Reason for posting though,when i bought weights for myself, i bought a used bench from a pawn shop for 45.00.Thick padding and it inc. and dec.olympic bar and adjustable dumbells.Bought extra weights when i could.The benches arms would raise up or down.When i did legs I would drag the bench from the wall and raise the arms.I could then sit on the bench under the bar and pick it up and do my sq's.After that take yor bar off and do stiff legged deads.calfes are kind of hard to hit but you can stand on a plate for the stretch at the bottom,and do them standing,then sit down and put the bar on your knees to do them seated.I joined a gym about 8-10 months ago though,and i am verry happy i did.

  3. Shakes made very valid points.. Probably 8 years ago, I went from a jacked 245 only working out at gyms using every free weight movement possible, cable machines etcc.. you all know the gig...anways, got divorced, partied like a rock star, bounced at night clubs and resorted to using a bowflex with one of my boys for convienence.. I dropped from 245 down to 180-190 ( thats where I fluctuated)... This is of course not from simply switching my workouts.. I know this.. My lifestyle was the major reason for weight loss.. so read further
    The bowflex worked fine and kept me toned and in shape.. The exercises are limited true..

    Eventually I slowed down got out of the party scene and went back to my first love ( free weights and a gym)...
    That transition alone added 10lbs of pure muscle.. I had not been partying for months, so that was not the reason..

    You wont build a champion body with a bowflex.. and the resistance is progressive, however you can keep yourself in shape.. and honestly as I age, all the years of heavy lifting using copious amounts of aas has taken a toll of some of my joints.. Not to mention my work which is very physical..

    For all out hardcore, nothing beats gym and everything it offers.. A bowflex does have its place though i think in some instances..

  4. Quote Originally Posted by beallio View Post
    Back on topic: if you want cheap, but effective training look into Dinosaur bodyweight training. Seriously.
    Interesting that you bring the Dinosaur training up. I've read through it so 'm familiar with this training program but there's a lot of negativity surrounding bodyweight exercises in regards to how effective they are to building muscle, increasing strength, etc. I've heard of BW exercises for "maintaining" a physique or keeping fit for some time but do you feel this program is one a person can engage in while leaving the weights alone and make significant fitness progress?

  5. Yeah bowflex is limited but I think it has its place also , especially if you are working out by yourself and storage place is limited. Add a set of power blocks and you can get a pretty good workout at home in a very limited space.

  6. well, a bowflex you have access to is better than a full weight set that you dont really i'd be that if you are just starting, you can make some decent progress the first year even on bowflex.

  7. I think if you are gonna buy a bow flex you should look at craigslist.com first.

    I've seen them as low as $150 dollars locally. All them are listed as lightly used.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    If you can afford it, or can't get a better deal on a similar product I say why not?. What I want is the Tread Climber. It looks really fun and I am getting sick of my current home cardio machine. I will probally look around at other machines first though.
    Ugh....treadclimbers.....I work at a gym, have to put up with old ladies b*tching at me and trying to cut each other off in line to use them.....

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Matt Skiba View Post
    I'm 6'0 150 pounds I'm trying to bulk up and gain muscle, unfortunately all I have in my possesion are two measly 20 pound dumb bells and my dad's bowflex machine that's been laying around the basement. The machine to me is weird, it doesn't give me the same aggressive satisfaction that pumping iron does. One guy told me that the machine was pretty legit and useful. Compared to me he was fairly buff at the same height as me but at 180 pounds, same mesomorph bone structure and everything.

    I don't have a membership to a gym and I don't really think there's one nearby here (except the YMCA) and I really don't like the idea of taking time to travel to a gym and back. Hopefully I can save up some cash to buy a real weight set and some leg machines (probably gonna be a while).

    Overall though what do you guys think of the bowflex and is it possible to make any gains with this machine?

    Also are there some cheap ways for working out the legs on my own without going to a gym?
    Here's what I did. I am 6'2 and weighed 160. My roommate had a total gym. I decided I was tired of being skinny so I started do every exercise I could on it for a week. Then the next week I moved it up a notch and did the routine again, then moved it up again and so on.

    I didn't start bulking up BUT it did get strong enough to not look like a total wimp at the gym. After a month or so I started hitting up free weights and a year later I'm at 190 lbs. or so now.

    Use the bowflex to make sure you want to really stick with it since you already have it and it's free. I doubt you get ripped with it but its a way to learn exercise techniques and get used to working out and so on. Hope this helped a little.

  10. It is resistance training and I still don't understand why people think they won't gain as much muslce as using free weights. That just doesn't make any sense. I do understand the fact that it is just too expensive and that with free weights you have more options for different exercises. With most free weight exercises though the resistance drops at certain points throughout the range of motion. With the bowflex you get resistance throughout the entire range of motion. Also it was created after free weights, and there haven't really been any advances in free weights. It was also created by the man that created the Nautlis Machines in gyms.

  11. The whole ploy about "continual resistance" is a marketing scam. The sale of spring loaded exercisers dates way way back. Why have they been so heavily marketed? Because they are cheaper to ship than a butt load of plates, and dumbbells.

    My other website details this:

    Spring Exercisers on Forgottenmuscle.com

    Besides if they showcased a bunch of plates, and dumbbells on a late night infomercial, you would just say...wtf would I pay for that crap when I could probably get it locally at the local ****'s?


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