Anybody read "The New HIT" by Ellington Darden?

  1. Anybody read "The New HIT" by Ellington Darden?

    I'm curious if anybody has read this. I read it recently, and I'm starting the program. I don't know what he's smoking when he talks about diet, though.

    That said, I know a couple people that tried similar programs and had great results. So, I'm looking to give it a shot- its time for me to try and lean down a bit, and I think this will help.

  2. just to give a little update... I'm on my 3rd workout on this "program," though I won't really say that I'm doing the program as of right now. I'm really just kind of training myself to get used to this format and do it effectively- slowing the reps down, making sure to hit failure and assessing what kind of weight i need to use on these exercises to do that. Anyway, heres what I did today:

    Calf Raises(single leg 170lbs)
    Leg Press(220lb)
    Leg extension(single leg- 70lb)
    Bent over rows(80lbs)
    Front Rows(65lbs)
    Pec Deck(80lbs)
    DB flat bench(40lb'ers)
    BB curls(48lb)
    Decline Skull Crusher(43lb)
    Wrist exercise(stick with the rope and weight)(10lb)
    Decline Crunches

    Its too early to really tell if its getting me anywhere. I'm just now feeling recovered from working 16 days straight through the holidays, so hopefully the workouts will get better. Its defenitely tough, though.

    Anyway, the weight is lifted above, and I did 10-12 reps on all of them, basically running from one station to the next(i kinda set most of it up when i started so there was no lag time in between exercises). I did take maybe 2 minutes after the upright rows to get rid of the barbell and curl bar that i'd used, and prepare the rest of the routine- other than that, no rest.

  3. ive read one of his books. he has some interesting ideas that i incorporated into my workout. but as far as the pre designed routines, and diet plans, he has ... your better off designing your own to fit yourself.

  4. Yeah, I agree with that, and thats pretty much what I'm going to do.

    His opinions on diet are just ludicrous, though. He says only to eat like .4g's of protein per lb of bodyweight... And even for cutting he says like 1500 calories and most of it carbs...

    But, yeah, I'm anxious to see what this new format does for me.

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