Doing squats wrong?

  1. Doing squats wrong?

    There must be something that I am doing wrong. At one time a little over a year ago, I was able to squat 385. I had a groin injury that put a stop to doing them. Well everytime that I start and begin to slowly add weight, my groin starts to bother me again. I assume it must be something in my form. Any ideas?

  2. if you "pulled"? your groin, it will always be tight - extra stretching and longer warmups should help.

  3. yes i agree extra stretching and longer warmups...
    do your pyramid the weights when you do squats???

  4. 5x5 and going extremely light - I do a ton of stretching and am very flexible. I keep thinking that it must be something in my form. Thought maybe someone would have had some experience similar.

  5. it took me almost two years to fully recover from the sane thing. might wana lay off for a little while longer. your obviously not fully recovered and trying to more squats will just make things worse. especcialy if thats how you hurt it in the first place.



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