modified WSB round two

  1. modified WSB round two

    already had a successful log in the training forum at ironaddicts (WS4SB-Hardgainer) and wanted to post my next routine and take comments. routine is almost identical to my last logged routine but with an added RE squat day, increasing my days working out to 4 days/wk. what do you think?

    here is the routine template: Routine last 6 weeks

    Modified Westside Routine: 4 day/wk

    Monday: ME Bench
    Tuesday: ME Squat or Dead lift (alternate every week)
    Thursday: RE Bench
    Friday: RE Squat or Dead lift (alternate every week)
    *will alternate Tuesday and Friday lifts with the squat or dead lift on an alternating basis.

    Max Effort Lifts:
    SLDL for 2wks (3RM), Sumo for 2wks (3RM), and Reg. last 2wks (2RM)
    Front Squat for 2wks (3RM), Zecher for 2wks (3RM), and Reg. for last 2wks (2RM)
    CGBP for 2wks (3RM), Reg. for 2wks (3RM), and Reg. for last 2wks (2RM)

    Supplemental Lifts (Group 1- Heavy)
    Good Morn: 1st/2nd wk 5X5, 3rd/4th wk 4X4, 5th/6th wk 3X3
    BB Rows: 1st/2nd wk 5X5, 3rd/4th wk 4X4, 5th/6th wk 3X3
    Seat Military: 1st/2nd wk 5X5, 3rd/4th wk 4X4, 5th/6th wk 3X3

    Supplemental Lifts (Group 2- definition work)
    Cable Row: 4X8-12 and Rev Hyper: 4x8
    BB/DB Lunges (reg. and side): 4X8-12
    Db Bench: 4X8

    Accessory Lifts
    Concentration Curl: 5X5
    Iron Pushdown: 5X5
    Leg Extension: 5X5+
    Leg Curl: 5X5+
    Calf Raise: 8X5
    Shrugs: 5X10

    All 4 workouts will be fitted to these two templates:
    A. ME DAY
    B. 1- ME Lift
    C. 1- Group 2 Supplemental
    D. 1- Group 1 Supplemental
    E. 2+/- Accessory Lifts

    F. RE DAY
    G. 1 ME Lift- (3-5sets of 8)
    H. 1- Group 2 Supplemental
    I. 1- Group 1 Supplemental
    J. 2+/- Accessory Lifts

  2. im starting the log monday and have decided to take pslin,waxymaize starch and supplement some protein pre/post workout and before bed. diet will be very very clean, concentrating on eating alot of complex carbs, fruits, veggies, and a 2lb steak every night on my workout days. very excited about monday

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