5 day split

  1. 5 day split

    Im new to a 5 day split and islotaring one muscle group but I came up with a routine which I dont think will be over training, what do u think
    ( after 3 weeks im going to change reps to 6)

    Squat 3x10
    Leg Press 3x10
    Hamstring curl superset 3x10
    knee extention superset 3x10
    seated Calf 3x10
    standing in + out 2 x 10

    Bench 3x10
    incline Db ( OR) 3x10
    Decline Db 3x10
    Db Flies 3x10
    Cross over 3x10
    Wighted crunches 3x10
    leg raises 3x10

    Deadlifts 3x10
    pulls ups 3x10
    rows 3x10
    lat pulldown 3x10
    shrugs 3x10

    Shoulders/ abs
    Db press 3x10
    side raies 3x10
    front raises 3x10
    same abs

    Close grip bench 3x10
    Tri extention 3x10
    skull crusher 3x10
    bi curls 3x10
    precher curl 3x10
    flex curl 3x10
    same ab


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