Pain during Close Grip Benches

  1. Pain during Close Grip Benches

    For the last few weeks I have had a pain on my left side between the left pec and the bottem of the ribcage. It only happens during close grip bench presses (not during regular bench presses, etc.). The pain is not apparent at first but after about 3-4 reps it sets in during the first set and gets worse (doing 5x5 at the moment). Anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?

  2. How far apart are your hands, and where are your elbows positioned?
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  3. My hand position generally is with my pinkies lined up with the edge of the smooth part of the bar. I try to keep my elbows in line with the bar. I bring it down to my lower pecs and hold for half a second then explode up.

  4. It sounds like you are using too narrow of a grip. Try using a shoulder-width grip, but with less elbow flare.
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  5. Thanks I did that last night (shoulder width grip) and tried bringing my elbows straight down rather than out and I actually felt little to no pain and alot better pump in my triceps which is what I was trying to hit.



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