I need a plan. Anyone?

  1. I need a plan. Anyone?

    I'm getting back into the gym sometime during the next couple of weeks. I used to do circuit training, but I'd much rather space things out this time around, in order to give my muscles some time to grow. I'm sure I'd accomplish greater gains by doing so.

    I will be hitting the gym 5 days a week. I'd like to take the whole weekend off, but I'm not exactly sure how taking 2 days off in a row would affect me, if at all.

    If any of you have any suggestions as to what worked out for you, or what a very good and effective routine would be, then please post away. I'd like several suggestions from different posters, to see what I think would work best for me.

    Thanks in advance, guys!

  2. Monday: Chest Biceps Abs HIIT CARDIO (Sprinting)
    Tuesday: Shoulders Traps HIIT CARDIO (Sprinting)
    Wednesday: Triceps Back Abs HIIT CARDIO (Sprinting)
    Thursday: Quads Calves
    Friday: Hamstrings Abs
    Saturday: 2x HIIT CARDIO (Sprinting)
    Sunday: OFF

    HIIT is no joke for burning fat, some people dont believe in splitting your days like this, seems to be working for me. Also I combine my workouts into a "superset" to keep it high int.
    That interval HIIT session post w/o takes discipline to do every time.

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