right/left arm size

  1. right/left arm size

    Before I even started working out I always had a bicep when i flexed with my right arm and my left one was always a little flat...didnt have the cut or bulge i guess you could say and see it...I started working out my arms and at the end of every set id bang out an extra 2 or 3 sets really light weight just to burn out my left arm and now I have a visible bicep but its still not like my right one and im very self concious about it...wondering if there are any exercises i can do to help it grow...Its just irritating when I put on a fitted shirt and the shirt grabs my right arm but is almost baggy or not as fitted on my left lol...its pretty bad

  2. Yeah, most bodies aren't perfectly symmetrical; for instance, my right bicep is 1/4 of an inch smaller than my left. I probably have a lot of other little differences too. I'm not sure there is a whole lot you can do, it's just little imperfections that make us human.

    My right arm is also slightly smaller than my left, and I'm sure this has something to do with my development also.

    While little things like that are noticable to you and I (who see ourselves everyday and are much more critical than other people), most people would never be able to pick out things like that.

    Hopefully we can get some more replies in here, I'm curious if anyone has some tips or advice also.

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