Newbie Looking for Advice

  1. Newbie Looking for Advice

    I havnt really strength trained/ exercised in several years. Back then I didnt really think much of it. I figured training was simple lift wieghts and thats it but surfing the web it seems to be alot more complicated than that. When to eat and do this and that and not all the information seems to agree with each other.

    For instance Ive read not to eat carbs before bed and Ive also read TO eat carbs before bed and to take plenty of nutrients(carb, protien, amino acids, creatine, etc.) immediately after a workout but Ive also read its best to take them immediately before instead and also to take them during.

    Theres so many different things to read in different places saying different things and all these supplements basically promising super powers and I know very little being new at this I am just trying to make sense out of it all.

    I have a pretty small physique being 5'6'' and wieghing a little over 110 pounds I am trying to build some muscle and get into shape so I am picking up a bench and weights out of storage in a few days and I also have some dumbells and a chin up bar at my disposal.

    So far my plan is to exercise a couple major muscles for over half an hour a day 4~ days a week. Taking a shake of protien,carbs, etc. once in the morning and again before/during/after workout(not sure which and not sure if I should take such a shake on non workout days)

    I also plan on trying some of those ''magical energy/ strength potions'' to see if they really work. Maybe if anyone knows some that work for sure they could recommend them or if anyone would like to add/suggest anything or help me out here that would be great.

  2. Dedication - Diet - Lift - Sleep.

    That is what you need. Increase your calories. I was in a similar boat. 6' 148 lbs. I took black hole to increase my calorie intake by 1000 calories a day. I took Havoc for lifting Nitric Oxide overdrive and Creatine Mono and Pefect cycle.

    I also used Up Your Mass weight gainer. I put on 10 lbs in 1 month. I also now sleep 9-10 hours a night. I lift 3 days a week.

    You should do some research before taking anything. Most of the stuff doesn't work. As far as when to eat what, someone else might be able to give better advice. I eat anything at any time. I eat 70% clean and 30% dirty.

    Hope this has been helpful.

  3. he covered most of it. just get more calories in your system and you should start putting on some weight... Also experiment with what workout split works best for you and what you grow best with everyone is different. for first starting out again i would just stick with whey protein and weight gainers insted of going into creatine and everything right away

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