Workout Resistance Bands??

  1. Workout Resistance Bands??

    whats your take on this? I know they can replace a barbell. But i was thinking of those rainy snowing days I cant make it to the gym or the days i donthave to driveto the gym before work

    any one here have them?
    should I buy the kit -heavy(18pd), meduim , (2pds)light or just buy the heavy one


  2. I used my wifes a couple of times and it didn't seem to be that good. The weights are no where near what they claim. They are alot less weight. I used a bowflex also and ended up loosing weight when I was trying to bulk. I went out and spent $100.00 bucks on plates and 2 hand bars. Works pretty good for days I can't get out.

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