Elbow Pop

  1. Elbow Pop

    When I do overhead triceps extensions, I get this weird pop/shock feeling in my left elbow. It's not exactly painful, but more uncomfortable. Anyone have an idea as to what this my be?

  2. does it happen when you bend your elbow just past 90*? if so i have the same thing. It hurt at first when i was benching but i barely feel it now

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Laxislife1265 View Post
    does it happen when you bend your elbow just past 90*? if so i have the same thing. It hurt at first when i was benching but i barely feel it now
    Yes, in both directions. I can't exactly categorize the feeling because it's not particularly painful, but it's not enjoyable either. I'm glad to hear that yours went away. I've only been seriously lifting for about 4 months, so maybe mine will go away after time. It's only happening in my weaker arm (left), so I'm thinking it's just strain on a muscle that I haven't used much in the past.

  4. actually mine didnt go away it just stopped hurting when it happened. Either way its not fun and i'd rather not have it happen. i think it might have something to do with our muscles putting tension on our tendons and then having the stiff tendons "pop" over a bone in the elbow, but thats just a guess.

  5. Thats actually a good way of explaining it. It does feel like something (a tendon) is shifting over a bone in my elbow. It's gotta be close to the nerve that gives you the "funny bone" sensation, because in my case it gives me a little shock, but not a full on "funny bone" tingling numbness... it sucks

  6. thats what i was thinking too. You can actually feel the tendon in your elbow that does it. If you flex a little you can feel a line of hard tissue on the innerside of your elbow and when you bend your elbow you can feel it pop.

  7. yea i got the same thing, i also have large joints and bones.. that could have somthing to do with it aswell

  8. Sounds like tendonitis. I have the same thing. Doctoring it as we speak. Wear wrist wraps the whole time you are training. Use good form. Mine is starting to heal up. It only really pops when it gets dry enough to do so.

  9. its probably not tendonitis ive had tendonitis before and it hurt alot. This doesnt really hurt and its not in the same spot.

  10. I've had this issue in my left elbow for longer than I can remember (at least 15 years). I don't have the issue on bench presses, only on tricep extension type exercises. I can't do skull crushers, which sucks. I always forget to talk to my dr. about this since I only see him once every few years.

  11. Thats not good... You should really see him AT LEAST a year... I should also see someone about this and get back to you guys. Ive actually heard and read about this in many other places and it seems to actually be quite common. However I haven't found the slightest bit of identification for this. I was going to ask the athletic trainer at my wrestling tournament yesterday what it could be but I forgot Ill be going to my doctor soon and i hope i wont forget.

  12. I'm glad I'm not alone in this - it sucks!

  13. Yeah its not fun but has it been getting better for you? Ever since it happened to me its become less and less and now its just a minor annoyance instead of excruciating pain.

  14. It's not really better... it's just more like I know that its coming, so I just try and ignore it while I do my workout. I'm definitely mentioning it to my doc next time I go though.

  15. How long has it been for you? Mine took around two months to stop hurting.

  16. Oh it still hurts, but I just mentally prepare for it. I know it's coming so I just push past it. It's still very uncomfortable for sure, and it's been that way for the last 3-4 months, but not enough for me to stop lifting.

  17. hmm... that really sucks... Mines not nearly as bad. I kinda dont notice it anymore. The more i think I think it might be because of an inflamed tendon. Or tendonitis. Thats popping over the bone. because mine got better when i stopped lifting. Seriously take a break and see if yours gets better.


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