1. MASS x8

    Ok I wight 150lbs. and im 5'10.
    I want to put on some mass, and just get my body to a stalky, bigger build.. My goal is to be able to bench 265, and stay under 165.. In that past 3 weeks, ive increased 30lbs in my max bench. This is my "Model A" workout.. (I'm not going to take the time to write down my excersizes, cuz im exausted, and feeling lazy right now.. haha)
    I plan to push myself to the limits, and let nothing hold me back.

    And yes I am using creatine, and other workout supplements..
    Soon to be taking this stack..

    X- FACTOR (By: Molecular Nutrition)
    RPM (By: Applied Nutriceuticals)
    NEOVAR (By: Applied Nutriceuticals)
    DRIVE (By: Applied Nutriceuticals)

    Gym 4 days a week.. (Because I work, and don't have much more free time)

    Wednesday: Shoulders, Traps, and Back.

    Thursday: Legs, Biceps, and Forarms

    Saturday: Chest, Tricepts..

    Monday: Mainly Cardio..

    I also work my abbs almost every workout day, unless sore..
    And I run everyday im at the gym, on a tredmill for about 10+ min. (0-2 Incline) (5-7 Speed)
    Another thing I do, and im not sure if this is good or not.. But lets say im doing a Saturday workout, i'll go from something like dips, and then i'll go to pull downs, and cycle back and forth through diff. excercises.. Then I'll go do some chest, and go back to tri's again, just to let them rest for a few..

    If you know of a hard training schedule that you think might be better, let me know..
    Anyway, I just want to know if this is good, or if anyone has any suggestions or anything..

    Thanks, xxHODGINSxx

    4-WHY ONLY 165? U WRESTLE?

    I WAS 168 AT 5'11 2/06 NOW IM 196-198.. JUST EAT REST. NO BEER AND CREATINE

  3. Well you see, I have an extreamly fast metabolism.
    So fast that I can take in several calleries a day, (like 2-5lbs. of food or something.. lol) and woudln't gain a pound.
    Not to mention being lazy won't even help me gain weight..
    Thats why its my goal, I can gain muscle, just not much body weight.. I've gained about 5lbs since last month, just going to the gym.. at the moment im 150.

    and yes I do wrestle, but took this year off.. (work issuses)

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  5. are you going 160 next season then?

    anyways 5lbs of muscle is 5lbs of body weight.
    the point is if you want to put on mass you need to increase your body weight thus your goal is to increase muscle mass. i guess thats obvious. the only way to go about this is eating. because you have a fast metabolism means you just need more and eat wisely. a lot of people think that just because your metabolism is high you should eat whatever you want, and i guess you really could if you want. but what im getting at is you need to eat a lot to begin with so dont fill up on foods that are going to have little affect on building muscle. your only going to stuff your face so much so choose the most protein/complex carb/healthy fat dense foods you can get.

    heres my overall thoughts:
    1. DAM nice job on the +30lbs to you bench in 3 weeks!
    2. i like the stack.
    3. eat eat eat....lots of red meat and whole eggs(both contain a good amount of AA. great with the x-fact.) but dont forget your chicken breasts, oats, protein shakes, ect. (cook up some hard boiled eggs every night and eat them throughout the following day, like a dozen would be amazing, plus not very filling and ready to eat. eat the whole egg, not just the egg white.)
    4. just be patient, your obviously making gains and the mass will come it just takes time.

  6. Thanks, i'll make sure to give this a shot.
    And I don't plan to be that just for wrestling, I just set it at that weight cuz I can honestly say that will be hard to make it to..
    Either way, if I can gain more weight then that.. Well if I can then your dammnnn right I will.. Im not worried about gaining to much, if anything Im worried about not gaining enough..

  7. At your height and weight drop all the fancy supps and stick to creatine monohydrate and beta-alanine and a hefty dose of FOOD. I LOVED RPM and NeoVar but you can gain extremley well without them and save them for a sticky spot.

    Eat at least 3,500cals per day. a 40/40/20 split to start out and tweak form there. Maybe a 30/50/20 (works well for me on a bulk).

    Workout routine that worked well for me. Same split you have

    Workout 1:Hams/Bi's/abs
    Workout 2:Chest/Shoulders/calfs
    Workout 3: Quads/Tris/abs
    Workout 4: Back/traps/calfs

    You don't need to train abs everyday.Remember they're a muscle just like every other muscle and get worked with almost every exercise you do.

    Chill with the cardio for now IMO.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  8. 5lbs a month is not bad, just keep it up.
    i benched 255 when i was 150lbs so its possible it just takes time.
    grab a weight gainer it will help.

  9. 5lbs a month is not bad, just keep it up.
    i benched 255 when i was 150lbs so its possible it just takes time.
    grab a weight gainer it will help.


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