Age almost 40
Experience 4-6 years SERIOUS Lifting
Cycles 2; Superdrol a summer and a winter ago descent gains in one but quit the other due to stress & cold/flu. Superior REAL post cycle therapy stuff.. for both. Researched the Process long & Hard B4 I dared try it. Too old to hurt myself on vanity,,besides my wifie would kill me.. So I'm 5'9" and on a good day 187lbs (hard gainer so I can gain/loose 5-8 lbs in a FRIGGIN day)

My question.. I can Squat (Not DEEP) 315 - 365 +/- ..but generally its 315...three 45's on each side the bar = 45 And a lot of grunting.!!! Again I cant do that very deeply.

For my next.... ( Maybe last)

[I always say that..what an idiot..but I'm too scared of the real juice so I'm doing the stupid trick with PH's ..Yea Dumb..I know]

....cycle of otc PH's (Sostonol 250 this time 3 friggin methyls GEEZE !! ) I really really want to focus on legs .. (of course bi's tris & pecs) but I want to put on some gutes and calves that stay for years to come.. Do I work out with higher reps and med weight.. or do I put on the red lines and go heavy with the squats..?...I feel a SMALL but distinct sharp line in the left knee sometimes so I usually don't go over 365 and I hardly ever bring out the bands... And well let's face it everyone hates leg day so I haven't gone heavy in a while (ha ha like 315 ain't heavy) .. So again should I work on getting good deep powerful (explosive on the UP) Squats to a higher comfort weight by doing higher reps with that mid weight range or the "less reps" with the stretch bands and colossal weights pushing my limits and lifetime max squat weight up ?? Granted I'll be doing a hell of a lot more leg training than I usually (or ever) have in the past for this cycle. I plan on having to crawl out of the gym and hurt for days.

On a similar note, over training,, and maintaining gains.. I comfortably curl 50-55 lb dumb bells.. I haven't spent a full workout on my bi's since I was a skinny guy desperate to get big.. however I now have noticeable Bi's and even more so tri's. (Some article on stressed Tris as the major arm muscle so I worked hard on tris, I skull Crush 35's on a curl bar (21lbs) comfortably for 8 reps x 3 sets And Cable "Vee Bar" Tri Push Dn 180 - 190 same set/reps lastly OH Rope Pull Down is generally 150-160 same ratios)
What the heck did I do to get the Bi's because now I want them to be ( of course) just that much bigger... permanently.. Do I spend one whole workout a week completely on Bi's for a few weeks.. And again do I go Heavy and work down in stages --OR-- periodize and try a solid "cycle" of med weights and high reps for bis to force a "burn" then next cycle just jump up to a higher weight class of dumb bells.. ?? I'll add... I really haven't felt that " I know its working" burn from the High Weight Dumb bells just a pump that of course doesn't really last or apparently do any serious rippage to the muscle I.E. forcing NEW Growth..

Of course any and ALL insight is appreciated..

Thank You Ahead of Time...

"Squat Till You Puke" or go to curves