About to begin my 3rd and final SD cycle (within 3 years) and was pondering of training twice a day as I have about a month before I start my new job so the timing is perfect. I have a workout partner who trains in the morning and another who trains at night. Thinking of continuing my Max-OT training and I will be definitely getting enough sleep (8-10 hours a night) and plan to rest for about 10 hours between workouts. Diet should remain excellent with a bump in clean calories. Is this stupid?!? I was thinking of something along these lines (without boring you guys with specific movements):

morning: chest, calves
evening: shoulders, traps, abs

morning: legs (including calves)
evening: arms, calves, abs

morning: back, abs
evening: rest

It's probably obvious by my schedule that my calves look like crap. Been trying everything so my last resort is to work the crap out of them more often while on cycle!!! If that doesn't work, I'm just gonna get a tatoo on each one saying, "What can I do...it's genetic!!!"