Christmas Out-Of-Gym Exercises (please help)

  1. Christmas Out-Of-Gym Exercises (please help)

    Hi Guys!
    I am a newbie (34 yo M / 5'10 93Kg), this is my first post on this board.

    I am also a training newbie, I've been actively training for the last 3 months, currently I'm going to gym 4 times a week, looking to push it to 5.

    I've seen an amazing change in my body over the last 3 months and just as I'm getting into the "groove" (i.e. actually liking to go to gym) I've got to stop and travel for 2-3 weeks so going to gym is unlikely. Chances are I won't have much control of what I eat either (I'm packing my pitt-stop bars but I'm off to China so all bets are off).

    Can anyone recommend me a good set of exercises I could do at home/hotel that would give me enough workout. I am particularly concerned about my back muscles and biceps as I don't know of any exercises without weights that would work... (other uscle groups are intersting as well)

    My ultimate goal is to gain muscle and loose fat (used to be 127Kg fat bastard).

    Any suggestions?


  2. Well that should be easy to help with. You can take the chair in your room and do ips with it it to hit tri's. You can do push ups and jumping jacks. You can do suitcase squats. If you have a small suitcase hold it to your chest so as not to pull any muscles and do squats. For bi's I would do seated bicep curls with an object in the room that is heavy enough to work. If its not heavy enough just do more reps. Use a phone book to do shoulder extensions and behind the head skull crushers.

    You can use creativity when you get to your room to modify what you already know with what you have there. Most hotels have a fitness center. For back if its not cold go to a park and do pull ups. Use a bench to try and stabalize yourself to do lower back extensions.

    Good luck and enjoy your trip1

  3. we just had a D1ck's Sporting Goods open up last month at our mall 2 miles up the road. I'm looking to get some dumbbells so I can do at least part of my basic routine on days I dont go to the Y.

    Its kind of odd, because they spent ages kitting out that store, and I thought "who on earth are they gonna sell to??". heh I didnt know I was gonna be so gullable
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  4. Hey thank you for your suggestions... training can surely be addictive, at first I hated it (and I still do a little when it comes to cardio and abs) but I just love to look at myself in a mirror lately... I have become quite narcisistic I am just scared to drop the balll and regress on my training, finding myself having to do a month before getting to the point i am now.


  5. misc. body weight exercises as crader said, but if you dont want to use weight that is unevenly distributed like chairs and other hotel room objects, try buying a couple resistance cords, you can defintely maintain for 2-3 weeks with them



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