outter tri and bi...best movements?

  1. outter tri and bi...best movements?

    my inner bi and tri are descent in my opinion..whats the best movements for the outter head of the tri and the outter bi?
    here's my workout for bis and tris right now.....
    i superset them...
    close grip bench 4*6-10
    w/ barbell curls* 4-6-10
    overhead dbell extention* 3*8-10
    w/ preacher dbell curls*3*6-10
    lying one arm dbell ext...3*8-10 negatives
    w/ dbell curls* 3*8-10 negatives

  2. Try skullcrushers, they are awesome tri developers, hammer curls for bi always helps outer bicep and I believe helps lengthen into your forearm muscles also

  3. I agree with the hammer curls.

  4. Close Grip Bench for Tri's, and do'nt forget to flex the tricep at the top of the movement

  5. i always liked doing hammer curls on a bench sat at a bit of an incline.

  6. Try doing curls while sitting on an incline bench. Your arms should hang straight down, try to keep the curl strict, but towards the top your elbow will come up. This position will stretch the biceps, and help with activating the long head, which doesn't get involved all that often with normal curls. With these, for isolating the bi's more, keep your wrists flexed back, opposite of a wrist curl, throughout the movement. To involve the bracialis more, do them as hammer curls.

    For tri's, the thing that always hits mine hard were pull-overs. I've always been very strong on that movement, though, and I think I have a slightly odd recruitment pattern, so it always hits the long head of the tri's for me.

    Hammer curls are good, they hit the bracialis, which is that bump on the outside of your arm between the biceps and the triceps. It runs under the biceps.
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