need some help on workout split

  1. need some help on workout split

    Tues-bi's, tri's
    fri-shoulders, traps.

    I actually like the two days off in a row and with that i definitely hit the chest really hard. i may switch the chest with back. the problem is if i leave it like this i dread working the tri's the day after chest. i could switch chest and back but then shoulders would die? my bi's never really get sore so that's not really a problem. any help? maybe run 3 days on 1 off, 2 on 1 off? i'm not sure how to set it up. i had liked to put legs in the middle so i dont get lazy and skip them. but maybe i'll try them like the first day or something.

    i'm looking to make my greatest gains in chest and back width, and calves as a whole. i lift calves my first workout with legs because i heard it was good to put whatever workout you want to improve on most at the beginning. hopefully somebody can help me out. thanks

  2. ayuda me por favor

    aka help me please. any ideas?

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