Need Advice for training plan

  1. Need Advice for training plan

    I'm currently 6'0, 145 lbs. Looking to tighten up to 160-170 lbs, I'm pretty skinny right now so I basically want to keep a thin shape but a lot more toned and ripped. I'm looking to get bigger arms and such but not too big cause I really want to stay flexible.

    If someone could help me with a training plan because I'm very bodybuilding illiterate, I've never properly lifted or done any kind of muscle training before so when I go to the rec, I have no idea what to work on. And if anyone knows any sites I could visit, greatly appreciate it.

  2. poke around the training and nutrition forum. you'll find plenty of stuff just from reading what other people right. nobody wants to set up a whole plan for you. you can get a lot bigger and stay flexible. stretch every time you lift to maintain flexibility

  3. i am slightly taller than you and am at 195 pounds, i am still very flexible!!! i have a canadian mate 210 pounds, 5'8 and he is very ripped he is the most flexible guy i have ever seen, good luck with it!

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