pushups and benching

  1. pushups and benching

    Ok I did a little experiment. at full up right pushup position I am I think 66% of my weight on my hands. Now with that said 66% of my weight is about 100lbs. So I dont understand why I can do way more pushups at 100lbs than bench pressing 100lbs. Dont get me wrong I can I just cant do it as easily as a pushup. Any idea? I thought it was working the exact same muscles.

  2. I totally just ****ed that up..... its more like 45% of body weight

  3. Use a bathroom scale under your feet and a partner to read it and you will know for sure how much you are pressing during your push-up. Be sure to put something of equal thickness under your hands to keep you "level"

  4. i can't do that many pushups but i can do a **** load on bench and pullups and bar dips i just get tired and bored of pushups

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