when to workout

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    when to workout

    hey there am ers..... need some help on when would be the best time for me to workout...... i currently work sunday thru thursday 10 pm to 7 am..... get home sleep wake up for class at 1pm go to class till 530 and workout an hour before i go to work ..... at work i get really tired, could it be due to the workout before work ....... and would working out be better to do in the morning when i get out of work?????? please all info would be appreciated

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    I mainly plan my workout around my meals and job. If you can find a 24 hr. gym, I'd workout along the lines of when i have my meals. Your schedule seems pretty different then the normal work days, so its kinda hard to figure it out for u, plus i dont know when you eat. IF you are getting 6 meals in a 13-14 hr. span, plus work, fit your workout in around those things when u know you will work otu w/ the most intensity regarding your schedule.

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